Fashion Technology Opportunities In France: Bridging Fashion And Innovation


France, which is known for its fashion heritage, is also at the forefront of fashion technology innovation. The coming together of fashion and technology offers exciting opportunities for those interested in blending creativity with cutting-edge advancements. In this comprehensive article, we dig deep into the realm of fashion technology in France, exploring the diverse opportunities available for aspiring professionals.

Fashion Technology Courses:

  1. Fashion Tech Course at Paris College of Art: Explore this course offering insights into fashion technology, wearable tech, and smart textiles.
  2. Fashion Tech Program at ESMOD Paris: Discover a program focusing on fashion technology, 3D modeling, and digital pattern-making.

Fashion Tech Startups:

  1. Heuritech: Learn about Heuritech, a fashion tech startup specializing in AI-driven trend forecasting for fashion brands.
  2. Wearisma: Explore Wearisma, a platform using data analytics to optimize influencer marketing for fashion companies.

Fashion Tech Internships:

  1. Internships at Loom: Gain experience with Loom, a startup focusing on sustainable fashion technology solutions.

Fashion Tech Conferences:

  1. Fashion Tech Week Paris: Explore Fashion Tech Week Paris, a series of events highlighting the latest innovations in fashion technology.


Fashion Tech Blogs and Websites:

  1. FashNerd: Read articles and insights on fashion technology trends and innovations on FashNerd.
  2. WTVOX: Explore WTVOX, a platform covering fashion tech news, wearables, and sustainable innovations.

Fashion Tech Podcasts:

  1. FashMash Pioneers: Tune in to FashMash Pioneers, a podcast series featuring interviews with industry leaders in fashion and technology.
  2. The Current Innovators: Listen to The Current Innovators podcast, exploring the intersection of fashion, innovation, and sustainability.

Fashion Tech Networking Events:

  1. Fashion Tech Meetups in Paris: Join fashion tech meetups in Paris, connecting with entrepreneurs, developers, and designers.
  2. Fashion Tech Networking Dinners: Attend networking dinners and social gatherings focused on fashion technology, fostering collaborations and partnerships.

Fashion Tech Accelerators:

  1. Fashion for Good Accelerator: Learn about the Fashion for Good Accelerator, supporting startups driving innovation in sustainable fashion technology.

Fashion Tech Hackathons:

  1. Fashion Tech Hackathon at Viva Technology: Participate in the Fashion Tech Hackathon at Viva Technology, a competition challenging teams to develop disruptive solutions for the fashion industry.
  2. Fashion Tech Hackathon at Fashion Tech Days: Join the Fashion Tech Hackathon at Fashion Tech Days, an event bringing together developers, designers, and industry experts to solve fashion tech challenges.



Embrace the vital world of fashion technology in France, where invention meets creativity to shape the future of the fashion industry. Whether you’re interested in designing smart textiles, developing wearable tech, or leveraging AI for trend forecasting, there’s a multitude of opportunities waiting to be explored. Enter into the vibrant fashion technology, use your skills, and become part of the exciting journey towards redefining fashion in the digital age.

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