Fashion Journalism Opportunities In France: Introducing The World Of Fashion Reporting


France, the definition of fashion and style, calls all aspiring journalists with countless opportunities in fashion journalism. From covering elegant couture events to reporting on emerging trends, the world of fashion reporting in France is vibrant and diverse. Herein, we explore the exciting avenues available for future fashion journalists in the fashion capital of the world.

Fashion Journalism Courses:

  1. Fashion Journalism Course at the Fashion Institute of Technology Paris: Dig into this course offering insights into fashion reporting, editorial writing, and multimedia storytelling.
  2. Fashion Journalism Program at Paris College of Art: Discover a program focusing on fashion journalism, magazine production, and fashion photography.

Fashion Magazines and Publications:

  1. Vogue Paris: Explore opportunities for fashion journalism with Vogue Paris, a leading fashion magazine known for its avant-garde editorial content.
  2. Elle France: Join the team at Elle France, offering internships and freelance opportunities for budding fashion journalists.

Fashion Journalism Internships:

  1. Internships at L’Officiel: Apply for internships at L’Officiel, a prestigious fashion magazine offering hands-on experience in fashion journalism and editorial production.
  2. Harper’s Bazaar France Internship Program: Gain valuable experience with Harper’s Bazaar France through their internship program focusing on fashion reporting and editorial writing.

Fashion Journalism Workshops:

  1. Fashion Journalism Workshop at Paris Fashion Week: Participate in workshops conducted during Paris Fashion Week, offering insights into fashion reporting and industry trends.
  2. Fashion Journalism Masterclass at Institut Fran├žais de la Mode: Enroll in masterclasses at IFM, providing in-depth training in fashion journalism and media relations.

Fashion Journalism Conferences:

  1. International Fashion Journalism Conference: Attend conferences organized by fashion journalism associations in France, featuring panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  2. Fashion Journalism Summit: Join the Fashion Journalism Summit, an annual event bringing together industry professionals, journalists, and fashion enthusiasts.

Fashion Journalism Blogs and Websites:

  1. Business of Fashion: Explore articles and insights on fashion journalism and industry trends on Business of Fashion, a leading online platform for fashion news and analysis.
  2. Fashionista: Read articles and interviews with fashion journalists on Fashionista, offering a glimpse into the world of fashion reporting and editorial writing.

Fashion Journalism Podcasts:

  1. Fashion No Filter: Tune in to Fashion No Filter, a podcast series exploring the world of fashion journalism, interviews with industry insiders, and behind-the-scenes insights.
  2. The Cutting Room Floor: Listen to The Cutting Room Floor podcast, featuring discussions on fashion journalism, media ethics, and storytelling techniques.

Fashion Journalism Networking Events:

  1. Fashion Journalism Networking Meetups: Join networking events for fashion journalists in France, organized by industry associations and media organizations.
  2. Fashion Journalism Networking Dinners: Attend networking dinners and social gatherings hosted by fashion magazines and media outlets, offering opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

Fashion Journalism Freelancing Platforms:

  1. Upwork: Explore freelance opportunities in fashion journalism on Upwork, connecting with brands, magazines, and media companies seeking freelance writers and reporters.
  2. Join to find freelance gigs in fashion journalism, editorial writing, and content creation for online platforms and publications.

Fashion Journalism Portfolio Development:

  1. Behance: Showcase your fashion journalism portfolio, highlighting your articles, interviews, and multimedia projects.
  2. Cargo Collective: Create a print portfolio showcasing your best work in fashion journalism, including feature articles, editorials, and photography projects.



Embark on an exciting journey into the world of fashion journalism in France, where creativity, innovation, and storytelling come together to shape the future of fashion media. With a wealth of opportunities, resources, and networks at your disposal, you can cut out a rewarding career path and make your mark in the realm of fashion reporting. Have a look at the different avenues available, sharpen your skills, and present your passion for fashion journalism in the heart of the fashion capital of the world.


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